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We provide a secure file transfer portal to share your important financial documents.
As a convenience, this secure portal allows you to efficiently exchange your documents, receipts and QuickBook files to protect your personal information.

                                      “When I purchased the                                            Inn at Glen Alpine,

                                         I had no idea about                                             running a business

                                             and/or doing the                                           taxes.The real estate

                                     attorney handling the                                 purchase referred me to Michael. What a blessing! He handled my taxes in North Carolina and the United States. He also determined that I no longer need to pay Kentucky taxes and was able to retroactively get a refund for years I had paid.

I highly recommend Michael Shell CPA for all your tax and business needs.“

                                   -Jane Munson Hogg

                                    I needed assistance with                                      my estate and financial                                              planning when I

                                       relocated to Florida.

                                                Michael recommended

                                                   a living will in order to

                                            better protect my finances

                                              and assets. He worked  closely with my attorney and helped me understand the process.

Michael is easy to work with and always made himself available to get the job done.”                                                            - Jennie Benau




Michael W. Shell, CPA, PC